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Upcoming Exhibition

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About Rob

Drawing and painting have always been my first choice of expression. I survived those heddy days of art school in Leeds where conceptual and performance art were taking centre stage. Leeds College of Art was not really a “painting school”, but more of a wild conceptual art program which gave me the freedom to think outside the box.


During my career I have worked with many other different types of media in experiential environments, but my true creative direction has always been painting . It is such a direct and simple form of expression which can ask a lot of yourself and the viewer. It lives on and can still surprise us amidst this mad world  full of creative clutter.


I now live and paint in Cornwall with its rich artistic heritage and surrounded by its beautiful landscape and rugged coastline. 

Sales and Commissions

If you would like to purchase any of the artwork or are interested in a commission, please find the 'Contact' page.

Rob Rimmington
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